The Bigger Picture of Life

The word “time” is one of the most-often used nouns in the English language. Why should it seem surprising? We live in a world where people are obsessed with saving time and trying to find more hours in the day. Although each of us has the same amount of time, few of us think we have enough.

In Psalm 90 Moses shifts the focus from our time-bound lives to our eternal God. “Before the mountains were brought forth, or ever you had formed the earth and the world, from everlasting to everlasting you are God.” (verse 2). God created time. He rules and transcends it. If you are feeling frustrated by the limits of time, read Psalm 90. It reminds us that our days and years are in the hands of our eternal God. As we humbly bow before Him, we see time from a new perspective.

The psalmist also tells us that God is faithful. From generation to generation, from everlasting to everlasting, He has been faithful, and He will continue to be faithful. He’s the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. He’s the God of individuals, the God of different personalities. He’s the One we can trust.

Let Him be God in your life today. When you abide in Him and live for His glory, you are partaking of the eternal. The Bible says, “He who does the will of God abides forever” (I John 2:17).

The start of a new year, it gives us the opportunity to look at the bigger picture of life. This Sunday we will study Psalm 90 which helps us to frame and shape the way we approach all of our existence. It helps us put life into perspective. 

Grace be with you,

Bruce Davie, Pastor/Elder


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