Update regarding the Coronavirus situation

May Worship Schedule

May 23 – Online only.

May 30 – In-person worship for up to 50 people. Registration required and will open on May 24.

We are so glad that we can now offer in-person worship, complete with congregational singing, approximately every other week. We hope that soon we will be able to meet weekly. Because government regulations limit attendance for indoor events at 50 people, including children and infants, it is necessary for all who want to attend the services to pre-register to ensure we do not exceed that limit.

Registration opens on the Mondays preceding the in-person worship service.

Please remember that you must wear a mask while in the church building, and we must maintain appropriate social distance between families/individuals.

We will also be offering the regular Taxi service from the Rüschlikon train station to the church at 10:20.

We will continue to stream all worship services to YouTube.



IBCZ comes together on Sundays for worship and the study of God’s Word at 10:30, ending 12:00. Our worship service offers an uplifting blend of singing, prayer and thought-provoking teaching from the Bible. Communion around the Lord’s Table is offered on the second Sunday of each month.

IBCZ especially loves to welcome families. Our children join us at the front of the church every Sunday morning during a special portion of the worship service to introduce a biblical lesson. We then offer age-appropriate childcare and Biblical instruction for the children so the adults can concentrate on Worship, the Sermon and monthly Communion time with less distraction. There are Nursery facilities for little ones too, please go to our Childcare pages to see more about this service.

After every service we enjoy a time of fellowship with refreshments.

Seconds of Praise

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