About us

We are a very international group with members coming from Asia to America. Coming together in fellowship to study the word of our Lord, share and pray for each other makes this home group more than just a meeting of church members. We aim to be family for whomever is looking for a spiritual home outside the church building of IBCZ. Some of our members are even from other churches, but happen to live in the neighbourhood. Schlieren is located close to the western boarder of the Canton of Zurich and easily accessible by car or train. We meet every Tuesday, 19:30 – 21:30. If you would like to join this study please contact: Oliver Herrmann or Jessie Zheng Zhang.

Currently Studying

We are currently doing a study called ‘Living by Faith’

Have you ever found yourself wondering whether God really cares about the goings on of this world? Does he care about the violence and pain that so many people suffer? Does he even notice that most people don’t even believe he exists, let alone obey his commands? Perhaps you think that asking these questions is something Christians just shouldn’t do.

But imagine that you did ask God these questions, and that he chose to answer them. Imagine that he told you disaster was on the horizon, and that it was God himself who was sending the disaster.

How would you react? What would you do? What would you think of God? How would you relate to him?