Onesimus, why did you return?

Willingly or unwillingly, consciously or unconsciously, there is an element of routine in all our daily lives. One daily habit that we could profitably cultivate was expressed delightfully in an old manuscript from centuries ago. There the writer set out his very first thought every morning: 

“When I awake at break of day, the cross of Christ be my array.”

This too can be our prayer for daily encouragement, for protection, and for His Glory. It echoes the injunction that the Apostle Paul gave to the Christians of Rome,

“Clothe yourselves with the Lord Jesus Christ”   (Romans 13 v14)

and it adds a deep poignancy to the words of the worship song, 

“Great and mighty is He,

  Clothed in glory arrayed in splendour”

This coming Sunday will certainly be a break in the routine for worshippers at IBCZ. On the one hand, many of the Church members will be away spending time together at the annual “Church Weekend” in Lenzerheide, and we pray that it will be a time of spiritual refreshment and warm fellowship for them. On the other hand, there will also be a Sunday Morning Service at the Church itself for those (- the remnant) remaining in the Zurich area. The Old Testament account of the Remnant left behind in Jerusalem (see Nehemiah 2 v12) assures us that God in His Grace does not forget the Remnant but provides, blesses, and has a special role for them. This we pray will also be our experience as we gather together at IBCZ. 

Another break in routine this coming Sunday will be a marked departure from Pastor David’s exposition of I Corinthians that he develops a few verses at a time. In contrast, this Sunday the sermon will encompass an entire ‘Bible Book’  – that is, all 24 verses of Paul’s ‘Letter to Philemon’. This Letter illustrates sensitive, demanding, and dramatic Christian conduct that can, by His Grace and with the Holy Spirit’s guidance, be a source of comfort, challenge and instruction for us. 

Join with us this coming Sunday morning to explore a central Biblical theme that is of contemporary importance as it is set out vividly for us in Paul’s letter.  


Huw Davies  


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