The blessings of a new life in Christ

Paul’s introduction to his letter to the Corinthians, (1 Corinthians 1vs1-9) can appear lengthy. However, it has so much significance and relevance to the contents of what Paulwants to say to the believers as he encourages them to living as the people of God.

We have already noted Paul’s address, “to the Church of God… to those sanctified… called to be saints” This can literally be translated, “to the called-out ones, of God, … set apart for the purpose/use of the designer (God) … called to be set apart and distinct in this world for the glory of God, being holy as He is Holy” This is a powerful address to the church at Corinth because in his opening statement Paul leaves no room for doubt in how God views those whom He has saved and called for Himself. And this opening statement is not just for the Corinthian believers, but it is equally relevant for you and I, because this is how God sees us and this is what God desires for us in this new life we are to live in Christ to the glory of God.

Turning again to the first nine verses of ch1, have you ever counted how many times there is a reference to Jesus Christ? I believe there is good reason for this which we will Lord willing examine on Sunday in the message, but perhaps in the meantime go have a look for yourself and ask yourself why do you think this is?

Another thing that stands out in these first nine verse are the past, present and future blessings for every believer in Christ Jesus. Again, as you study the passage you will see referencesto our salvation, our sanctification, our justification, the grace and peace we now experience, the fellowship we have with the Son, and the hope we have for the future.

It is good to often stop what we are doing and consider the blessings we have in Jesus Christ our Lord, and then respond in worship, praise, and thanksgiving. What a mighty God we serve, full of compassion, grace, and steadfast love.

Your fellow servant in Christ









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