Are you ready for God’s call?

I’m currently reading Narnia with our daughter Jasmin. This book by C.S. Lewis is a true treasure box of excellent storytelling, beautiful language, and such a wonderful way for children to discover Jesus and His personality – who’s portrayed as a lion in the character of Aslan – outside of scripture.

In one of the stories in the book an heir to the throne, called prince Caspian, must face the reality of betrayal and grow much quicker into the role of a leader than he might have wanted or imagined. He needs to flee the place he knew and called home, and deal with the world outside of protective castle walls. 

The contrast between a life in the woods spent with strangers stands in stark contrast to a comfortable life at the court, where so called ‘gentlemen in waiting’ were ready to serve him at any moment. These gentlemen were no mere servants, but themselves people of high social standing who’s honour it was to serve the future king of the nation. 

Meditating on their role I came to think that, as Christians, in some way, we are also very much like gentlemen (or ladies) in waiting. As part of the many who’ve accepted Jesus as their Lord, it’s our honour to serve Him as our King. And like these worldly counterparts, we should be attentive, and quick to respond to His calls – whenever, wherever and however they might come to us. Ready to spring into action as needed!

This might mean that we must stay up and stay focused much longer than we think is fun or even bearable. The circumstances might be inconvenient or even downright horrid when He’s calling us to act. We might have to endure seemingly hopeless situations and even suffer the loss of our worldly status and fortunes before He calls us into service. 

Consequently, some of us might be somewhat timid in developing our relationship to Jesus, i.e. be too close to Him. Who knows what kind of task He’ll be calling us for and what we’ll have to give up? In fear, we might be pointing to the difficult circumstances or even be pretending not to hear His voice when He calls us. – Or would we hear His call, no matter how faint His voice comes to our hearts and simply act in faith and love?

This Sunday we’ll be exploring three – often overlooked – characters who were ready when the time came to do the little thing they could to serve the Lord, bring honour to His name, and even influence the course of history.

Peace and grace,


IBCZ elder

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