The hundred-fold reward

Investing in the hope of a good return has fascinated people forever. The first framework for investing can be traced back to the Code of Hammurabi, written about 1700 BC. But today, our lives are driven by investment prospecting. Every day we decide in what to invest/sacrifice our time, our money and our skills, so as to get a benefit or a return out of this sacrifice. We are driven by “what is worth” doing. We ask ourselves what is worth giving up, so that we get something bigger or better in return. We spend our time and our skills at work, for a monthly return which allows us access to various resources. What is the best investment we can do today, or every day?

Jesus gives us some investment advice in Mark 10:28-30. Right after He tells the Rich Young Man that in order to have eternal life he needs to sell his fortune, give it to the poor and come follow Him, Peter is asking: “We have left everything to follow you!” suggesting he expected something in return. Jesus tells him that no one who has left family or property behind to follow Him, has not received 100 times more of the same in this life, along with persecution, and eternal life “in the age to come”. The best investment we can do today, every day, is to give up “everything” (everything which is #1 in our lives, anything we cherish more than the Lord) and we will get the greatest ROI (return on investment) we could ever hope for. We get to belong to a family of millions – made of all Christians in all churches on the Globe. We get to fellowship with them through all the hardships life will throws at us. And after this earthly life is over, we get “face time” with our Lord for ever, as we will spend eternity in His presence. For the Lord, our relationships are most important – to Him and to each other. So when we invest right, when we sacrifice what we hold too dear (idols?), when we dedicate what we are and what we have to Him, we are blessed 100 times more, as He is amplifying our relationships to Him and to each other, in this life and in eternity.
Peace and grace,
IBCZ elder

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