An upside down view

This Sunday’s guest preacher is K.J. Pugh, who is currently a pastor in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA.  With his wife (Lynn) and their two kids (Ella and James), they moved from the States to Europe in 2014 to help plant a church in a historic market town in North Yorkshire, England. Passing that church on to a native Yorkshireman, they moved again in order to plant a second church in France, in the 17th  Arrondissement of Paris.  After establishing that church with the help of the International Baptist Convention, the Pughs returned to the States in 2021 at the call of their home church for K.J. to become Alberta Baptist Church’s lead pastor.

K.J. will be preaching Matthew 5:10-12 this Sunday and unpacking the last of the Beatitudes.  All of the Beatitudes seem to turn the world as we know it completely upside down.  These final verses are no exception.  We will see, however, that it is not Jesus who is standing on His head, but us.  We are the ones who naturally see the world upside down.  What we need is for Jesus to turn us right way up and set us on our feet again.  Once we’re standing right side up and seeing the world as Jesus sees it, we will finally have the power to live and act in this world as we ought.  Please join us this Sunday as we come to the end of this perspective-shifting section in the Sermon on the Mount.

By KJ Pugh

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