Blessed are the peacemakers

We live in a torn world. Everyone reading the news on a regular basis will know this. And it doesn’t matter, whether we look at local, regional, national, or international news. There is conflict everywhere. 

Of course, we know that news outlets deliver negative news disproportionately more often compared to good news, but we still understand that this world is a mess. 

It’s therefore easy to get frightened and maybe hide from the world. – Or just focus on the good things. It’s remarkable how positivity trainings have mushroomed and calls for self-indulgence have spread like wildfire over the past years. At the same time mental health institutions are overrun with patients, suicide rates skyrocket, and aggressions between people, people groups, and nations seems at an all-time high.  

During Jesus’ time on earth there have been less people on the planet and certainly less transparency about the well-being or struggles of people in the world. However, we can assume that violence and conflict between people was high then, too. Scripture suggests nothing else.

It was then and still is today that Jesus calls people to be peacemakers. He calls us to face and resolve the conflicts in our own lives or engage in the attempt to help make peace between other conflicting parties. 

Yet, the prospect of doing so can be as frightening as the conflict itself. What to say? How to approach the situation? Will reconciliation ever be possible? And so, it’s no surprise that we often settle for a false harmony. Or – in the extreme cases – either completely retreat, or attack the other side. 

Still, Jesus’ statement that the peacemakers will be blessed means that there must be a way. And it starts with Him – the ultimate peacemaker – who made a way for peace between us and God. It’s what we’ll be looking at this Sunday. 

We welcome you to join us on Sunday at 10:00 am for prayer, and 10:30 am for worship of our Lord and fellowship with each other. 

Oliver Herrmann, Elder IBCZ

Sermon Title “Blessed are the peacemakers” – Matthew 5:9


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