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During September we will be sharing news about the missions and missionaries that IBCZ are involved in with world missions. Before Jesus left earth He gave us the promise, “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.” (Acts 1:8) Starting in our “Jerusalem”, Zürich and “Judea”, St Gallen we consider the work of Day Away, an outreach that was founded but members in our church. Vicki Bagdasarianz, the mission’s director, shares with us the following information.

What is Day Away?

Day Away is a women’s breakfast seminar which takes place every year in the autumn and in the spring.  It started in Zürich in 1991 and was also in Basel, Bern, & St. Gallen.  Presently it is only in Zurich & St. Gallen

Day Away is known for its highly professional seminars aimed at the English-speaking community.  Our seminars are usually held on Saturday mornings at a hotel conference room.  A typical Day Away seminar in Zürich draws around 80 to 120 English speaking women who share a European breakfast  before listening to the Day Away speaker.  A typical Day Away seminar lasts approximately 4 hours and explores one or more significant life issues in light of a biblical worldview and what Christianity has to offer.  This stimulates dialogue about Christianity and its relevance to a woman’s life journey.  Attendees are encouraged to stay after the seminar is over and can pose questions they may have to the speaker.

Whether it is about life issues, or questions about how God really looks in our everyday life, the breakfast meetings are as varied as the women whom attend. Although the Day Away seminars are in English, women who participate come from all over the world and frequently speak English as a second or third language.  We treasure the diversity of nationality, language, dress, and life experiences of the women who attend.  At a recent Day Away seminar in Zürich, women from more than 40 difference countries where present. In the last 20 years, spring and fall seminars have been offered continuously to thousands of English-speaking women.

Please, join us at 10 am for the Church Prayer Meeting and 10:30 am for the worship service. Following the service, we will have a time of fellowship and refreshments.

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