Help for Ukraine

Dear Members and Friends of IBCZ,
As the war in Ukraine and the circumstances facing so many refugees continues to dominate the news, I want to commend you for your generous response. During March, as a church we contributed CHF6,737, which we have sent to the European Baptist Union who will forward it to the Ukrainian Baptist Union to be used to meets the needs there. In addition, many of you contributed goods, and some offered your help in the sorting and boxing of items to go to the refugees in Romania via the Open Door Ministry. Others have made a point to connect with the Ukrainians who have been visiting our church.
As the needs seem to keep growing, there is another way we can provide assistance to those who desperately need it. Lesya, who is from Ukraine, has been part of our church family for a number of years. She organized a Zoom call with the Elders, the Missions Committee, and Pastor Slavik from Kharkiv, a city in northeastern Ukraine that has been heavily bombed. Pastor Slavik, along with a few others, have been faithfully distributing various goods such as food, medicine, toiletries, etc., to the people in that area. The goods are transported from western Ukraine to Kharkiv, and then dispersed to those in need.
They really need a van to help with the transport, as well as monthly donations to help with purchasing the various items. The Elders and Missions Committee are hoping we can collect enough money for the van, and more as well to help with purchasing the needed items. The van will cost approximately 8,000 Euros, and their weekly needs come to several thousand Euros.
We do not want to take funds away from the missions we already support, so we are suggesting those who can and feel led to will give an “over and above” offering toward this ministry. You can give online, and designate your gift to Ukraine, and specify for either the van or for meeting their monthly needs. There are also envelopes appropriately marked near the church entrance if you want to give cash. You will also find there pledge cards by which you can indicated how much you would like to give on a monthly basis for the rest of 2022. You can place the cards in the offering bags, and this will enable us to let Pastor Slavik know approximately how much he can expect from us.
Finally, a company called Education First is offering free English lessons for Ukrainian refugees, so please pass on the following link to anyone you know who might be interested::
Thank you again for your generous response and caring hearts.
Grace and peace,
Pastor Bob

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