Introducing Our New Deacon Candidate – Dejan Georgiev

Dear Members and Friends of IBCZ,
Our message this week is a letter of introduction by Dejan (Denny) Georgiev. The Elders are recommending Dejan be approved as a Deacon at IBCZ at our Business Meeting, July 4.

Dear IBCZ Church,
My name is Dejan Georgiev, born in 1988 (32 years old). I’m originally from Macedonia, and since 2017 Switzerland became my home. In 2019, I got married in Zurich to a lovely woman, Ruth. Since then, we live together in Rüti ZH. She is from Indonesia, and she is teaching the Little Seeds at IBCZ.
I’m working as a digital project manager at Marionnaud and a software engineer at SIX Financial Information.
By the grace of God, one night in 2015, I acknowledged how offensive my sins were towards Him and that my lifestyle was heading to destruction. In the same night, I repented, trusted fully in Jesus for my salvation. In the same year, I got baptized. And since then, I know the Lord and walk with Him.
I’m attending IBCZ since August 2018. My wife and I became members on September 1st, 2019.
Since 2020 I’m also part of the IBCZ tech team, supporting the church with live streams.
I will gladly accept the calling to become a deacon at IBCZ, trusting the Lord that He will lead me and strengthen me to support His church as best I can.


  1. Ursula Nora Willimann says

    Great to have you as a deacon, dear Dejan!

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