How Big Is Your God?

Dear Members and Friends of IBCZ,

Last Sunday we considered the topic “How Big Is Your God?”  We saw how David believed in a big God, a God who is with us, who is faithful to us, and who empowers us to accomplish His will when we step out in faith.  When faced with battling the nine-feet tall Goliath, he measured the size of this challenge not against his own abilities or resources, but against the truth of who God is.  With that assurance, he went out to battle Goliath.

The way we view God will directly affect our manner of life.  If our God is too small, we will lack the confidence that our life is held safely and securely in the in the hands of the all-knowing, all-powerful, always-present God.  One pastor describes like this what life is like when our God is too small.

“We live in a constant state of fear and anxiety because everything depends on us.  Our mood will be governed by our circumstances.  We will live in a universe that leaves us deeply vulnerable.

“When we have a chance to share our faith, we shrink back – what if we are rejected or cannot find the right words?  It all depends on us.

“We cannot be generous because our financial security depends on us.

“When we need to give someone strong words of confrontation or challenge, we will be inclined to pull our punches.  That is because if we don’t live in the security of a big God’s acceptance, we become slaves to what others think of us.

“If we face the temptation to speak deceitful words to avoid pain, we will probably do it.  We may try to get credit for something at work that does not belong to us because we don’t trust in a Big God who sees in secret and will one day give reward.

“If somebody gets mad at us or disapproves, we will get all twisted up in knots – we will not have the security of knowing that a giant God is watching out for us.

“When human beings shrink God, they offer prayer without faith, work without passion, service without joy, suffering without hope.  It results in fear, retreat, loss of vision, and failure to persevere.”

That is definitely not an attractive way to live, and fortunately, God offers us so much more.  But it depends on rightly understanding who God is and what God is like.  So, let us take the time to immerse ourselves in the truth of God’s word, allowing the reality of who God is to direct us in living courageously, obediently, faithfully, and joyfully!

Grace and peace,

Pastor Bob

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