Dialogue Between the Soul and Christ

Dear Members and Friends of IBCZ,

Back in the 17th century, Lewis Bayly wrote a devotional handbook entitled Practice of Piety.  Included in it is the following dialogue he imagined between the soul and Christ in light of what Christ did for us on the cross.  I find it to be very enlightening and encouraging, especially during Holy Week.  It goes like this:

Soul: Lord, why would You be taken, when You might have escaped Your enemies?

Christ: That your spiritual enemies should not take you, and cast you into the prison of utter darkness. 

Soul: Lord, why would You be bound?

Christ: That I might loosen the cords of your iniquities.

Soul: Lord, why would You be lifted up upon a cross?

Christ: That I might lift you up with Me to heaven.

Soul: Lord, why were Your hands and feet nailed to the cross? 

Christ: To enlarge your hands to do the works of righteousness and to set your feet at liberty, to walk in the ways of peace.

Soul: Lord, why would You have Your arms nailed abroad?

Christ: That I might embrace you more lovingly, My sweet soul.

Soul: Lord, why was Your side opened with a spear?

Christ: That you might have a way to come near to My heart.

During these days of Holy Week, let us reflect on and give thanks for all that Christ did for us, at such a great cost, that we might draw near to His heart!

Grace and peace,

Pastor Bob


  1. Ursula Willimann says

    Thank you so much, dear Pastor Bob, for sharing this touching and encouraging dialogue with us. Christ is risen!

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