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Dear Members and Friends of IBCZ,

(The message this week is from Lindy Hirt, who serves as our liaison with The Open Door Foundation, which ministers to women and girls who have been rescued from human trafficking.  In addition, she has included several pictures of the van this ministry was able to purchase for their work, with financial help from many of you.)

Dear IBCZ Community,

Words cannot express how moved and grateful I am for your support with fundraising for The Open Door Foundation in Romania. The 5000+ Euros raised enabled them to finally buy the van that they have been looking for. They love the van and it has made logistics and daily life so much easier for them. It is a game-changer. Now they can take the girls and children to their activities, appointments, jobs, and trainings, they can rescue victims in small, remote villages, they can pick up supplies and donations, and much more.

Moni and the Open Door family are incredibly grateful for your generosity. Moni told me: “My colleague and I were talking about God’s amazing ways of honouring our efforts. His grace and provision sends me on my knees”.

Being so close to Moni and the organization, I know how frustratingly painful it can be for them at times when they are surrounded by so much evil and overwhelmed by bills. Over the years, I have watched God come through for them time and time again. You have been His hands and feet and have played a wonderful part in the success of the organization. Because of the IBCZ community, they not only now have an amazing van, but all of our church donations have helped with the running costs of rescue, restoration, and justice.

For more information about The Open Door Foundation, please contact me at I can answer questions or put you in direct contact with Moni.

Thank you again!

Be blessed.



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