After Christmas: Some thoughts

After Christmas is a good time to reflect on this event, especially this time when activities have been much reduced. In „normal“ years the main event  – coming of Jesus – gets often submerged in the hectic activities oft the Christmas time.

The old testament talks about the coming of a savior, right at the beginning oft the bible, first not so clearly, later more and more detailed and specific. Even Jesus had to explain later what scripture had written about Him.

After the announcement of Jesus and John the baptist in the old testament people had to wait more than 400years until the events happened. There was just silence, no message from a prophet. 

Few people realized at that time when Jesus appeared that this birth would turn upside down the whole world.  But right after His birth the opposition started and would not let go until they had killed Jesus. And the persecution went on for His followers up to the present days. But today, after 2000years, Christ’s birth is still remembered and celebrated, his voice has not been silenced. 

God has made the first step by sending Jesus, now we are asked to do the other step towards Him, accepting Him and His message with all the implications.

Today, when everybody realizes how thin the ice is on which our modern civilisation stands, the message of Jesus gets a new meaning for many people who get shaken up by the present events and find hope in Him.

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