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Dear Members and Friends of IBCZ,

Usually in December, the Women’s Ministry sponsors a Christmas gathering and meal for the women of our church.  As a part of that, they give an offering, that in recent years has been given to the Open Door Foundation in Romania.  This is a ministry to women and girls who have been enslaved by human trafficking.  You may recall a few weeks ago we prayed for this ministry in our Sunday worship, the same day six of the girls were being baptized.  One of our church members, Lindy Hirt, is our church point person for this ministry.  She writes:

Women and children of all ages continue to be trafficked for sex and pornography, even during the Covid19 crisis. The Open Door Foundation is an organization that I adore and believe in with all my heart. They embody love in action. Their services include an emergency shelter for victims of sex trafficking, along with services for those living outside of the shelter. This is significantly expensive. Costs include: fighting traffickers, rescuing victims (including children), providing rehabilitation through psychologists and social workers, providing vocational training for the victims, taking care of families (there are many babies and children being supported) through housing, food and living costs. The staff are underpaid, they have no vehicle. They have court and lawyer fees. The list goes on and on… The Romanian government also does not provide support, even though they send women and children to the shelter constantly.

Since Covid19 broke out, many sponsors and partners have stopped supporting The Open Door Foundation financially. They are in great need. My goal is to raise 5000 Swiss Francs, but in reality, I’d love to raise thousands and also find consistent donors and reliable sponsors.  For more information, here is the Open Door Foundation website:

Since the women of IBCZ will not have their typical gathering this year due to Covid (they will have on online meeting instead), they won’t be receiving their offering as usual.  So, the Elders agreed that it would be good to put this opportunity before the entire church.  During this Christmas season, as we remember God’s gift of His Son given to us for our salvation, may we consider how we can give to others, including those we may not know but who are in such desperate need.  Currently, they have 15 women and babies in the Emergency Shelter and another 65 who live outside of the shelter.

If you would like to make a gift to the Open Door Foundation to help them in their ministry, here is a link that will guide you in making your donation.

May we do what we can to spread the love and joy made known through the gift of Jesus.

Grace and peace,

Pastor Bob

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