Living For What’s Most Important

Dear Members and Friends of IBCZ,

Last Sunday we considered what is known as The Parable of the Rich Fool, found in Luke 12:16-21.  It’s about a man whose crops were so bountiful he had to build bigger barns to hold it all.  Thinking he had enough wealth to last many years, he decided to, “Take life easy; eat, drink and be merry.”  The foolishness of his plan is highlighted when God told him that his very life would be demanded of him that night.  Instead of living for things of eternal significance, the man opted for merely temporary pleasures, and he would not even be able to enjoy those since his life would be ending that night.

As we saw, the main point this parable is dealing with is not wealth or pleasure, but life.  Jesus is inviting us to honestly examine our lives.  What is at the center of our lives?  What are we truly living for?  What is most important to us?  Whatever it is, is it worth being at the center of our lives?  Knowing that we have been created in the image of God and according to the wisdom of God, we know that God has a high purpose for each of us.  Thus, we want to make sure we don’t sell ourselves too cheaply by living for a purpose that is below the worth of our lives.

An often-used purpose statement for Christians, churches, and Christian organizations is: “To know Christ and make Christ known.”  That is a good summary statement of what is truly most important.  “To know Christ” is to spend time learning more of who Christ is, all He has done for us, the depth of His love, the purity of His character, the substance of His teaching.  It is not only learning these things but then having our lives deeply rooted in the truth of Christ.   

“To make Christ known” means that in all we do and say, through our character, attitudes, and activities the reality of Christ shines through.  This we can do in all aspects of life – at work, in our families, with friends, among our neighbors, etc.  Sometimes we will be able to speak openly of Christ, and in certain situations maybe we cannot, but even then we can always act in Christ-like ways.

Not only is this a calling to fulfill; it is a privilege to enjoy.  Nothing leads to joy like coming to know Christ more fully, and then letting Christ live through us to touch others.  Let’s commit ourselves to this, and encourage each other in this high calling.

Grace and peace,

Pastor Bob

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