Oliver Herrmann as New Elder

Dear Members and Friends of IBCZ,

At our General Meeting on July 12th following our worship service, we would like to present Oliver Herrmann as an Elder for IBCZ.  Oliver has a deep and informed faith in Christ, has faithfully served IBCZ in numerous ways, and is actively working within the Zurich community for Christ and His Kingdom.  Below is Oliver’s biographical statement for you to read.  According to the church Constitution, new Elders are chosen by Elders presently serving, and our current Elders all agree on Oliver being appointed to serve IBCZ in this capacity.   At the same time, the Elders value input from the congregation.  In light of that, should you have any questions or concerns about Oliver becoming an Elder, please contact me or one of the other Elders (Adrian and Fritz) prior to July 12th.

Grace and peace,

Pastor Bob

Oliver Herrmann’s biographical statement

I was born and raised in the southwest of Germany as the only son of loving parents and grandparents. It was in particular my father and grandmother who built my knowledge and shaped my understanding of God and Jesus Christ. Additionally, my father has a protestant background my mother is Roman-Catholic. This diversity allowed for lively and beneficial discussions around the dinner table about God, religions and biblical truths. 

Working and living internationally, there still was, however, a time for me to be distant from God for some time, embracing the things of this world. This climaxed in me moving all the way to Japan seeking personal and professional happiness. In His grace, however, the Lord had already awaited me there. He used a number of Japanese and US American believers to come alongside me and challenge me on my relationship to God. 

Realizing that I had to face the true God, I recommitted my life to the Lord and gave my life to Christ. From there on, I engaged in intensive personal Bible studies, and became active at church. I joined Bible Study Fellowship where I quickly became a discussion group leader and eventually a teaching leader for several years. 

At work, I joined and led various fellowships and prayer groups in Zurich and Hong Kong, where I also helped organize Alpha courses. Over time I added a strong interest in Christian apologetics to my Christian life, which led me to help organize the 2019 ‘Festival of Thought’ in Zurich, supported by Ravi Zacharias International Ministry and subsequently help found the Swiss Christian Apologetics Association, of which I’m the president. 

I began attending IBCZ with my wife Jessie and daughter Jasmin in 2015; shortly after our return from Hong Kong. We became members of IBCZ in 2016. Up until now, I have led numerous Sunday services, host a home group in Schlieren, helped organize church weekends and served on the Planning Committee, plus the last Pastor Search Committee. Occasionally I also preach on Sundays.

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