Israel’s God against the Egyptian gods

Dear  Members and friends of IBCZ

The miracles in Egypt, performed by God through Moses, leading to the exodus of the Israelites out of slavery are well known to many people. They are the subject of many Sunday school lessons as well as sermons and bible studies. They are exciting for every age group. Every time we hear or read about the miracles we discover a new side of God, like in our recent sermons in IBCZ. This time it was the fact that the miracles were directed against the many Egyptian gods, like Nile, sun…They are a clear demonstration of God`s power, exposing the Egyptian gods as no match to the God of Israel. As we sing in church “Our God is greater”.

Remember, these events happened before the bible existed, before God told Moses “write it down!” God started to establish a relationship with His people, preparing them for the return to the promised land. He heard their cries out because of their suffering by their slave drivers and decided to rescue them. Starting with his chosen leader Moses He revealed His divine power to him using several miracles, convincing him of His Godly nature and unlimited power and making him a faithful servant, ready to lead.

God revealed His power in the many miracles to the Egyptians as well as to the Israelites. By defeating the Egyptian gods He showed to the Israelites that He will be their God, that they can trust and rely on Him, that He is able to save them against a mighty world empire.

The events also prove that He is a jealous God, as He stated many times later – just think of the 10 commandments  “you shall have no other gods before me”. God demands absolute obedience and wants to be recognized as the only God.

For us today it means not to shift our focus from God to other gods who cannot save, only give pleasure – may it be fame, ambition, money, luxury or others. The events of these days show once again the limits of worldly knowledge  and we can ask ourselves where do we find real hope if not in the same God as the Israelites  long time ago.

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