Sunday Worship Service Cancelled for March 15

Dear Members and Friends of IBCZ,
I know we have all been closely following the news regarding the spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19) in Switzerland and specifically in the Zurich area. As of today (Friday) the government has issued stricter controls, with school being cancelled as of Monday and gatherings of more than 100 people forbidden without permission. Many of you have been working from home rather than going to work. In addition to the present situation, it is most probable that the spread of the disease is still escalating in Switzerland.
I have spoken with various church leaders and members as to what this means for IBCZ. In light of all this, the only responsible decision is to not hold our worship service this Sunday. We do not do this out of fear, but rather our desire to respect the well-being of everyone. It’s not only a
matter of us gathering together, but also, we must consider that some take public transportation,
and we should not put them at greater risk.
We will take this one week at a time. As we monitor the situation, we will be able to make an informed decision week by week. So, by next Friday, we will have an update regarding further worship services.
While we will not be meeting together for worship, you can still participate in our worship life. I will continue to preach from the Book of Exodus, and these messages will be recorded for you to listen to at home.
Most importantly, let us be people of prayer. While there is not yet a vaccine or cure for this virus, God has given us a powerful weapon to impact the course of events, and to defeat the fear that would otherwise enslave us. So, let us pray that the spread of this disease will cease, that those affected will be cured, that we might live with the assurance of God’s goodness, grace, and sovereignty, and that we can be instruments of God’s peace to those around us.
Grace and peace,
Pastor Bob
PS – Because we have several group mailing lists for the church but no single list that includes everyone, you might receive this message several times.

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