The Coronavirus and IBCZ

Dear Members and Friends of IBCZ,

I know we have all be hearing and reading a lot about the coronavirus in recent days and weeks.  Several have asked me if we need to do anything in particular as a church in light of this virus.  As of now, there are no restrictions on assemblies the size of our church in the Zurich area.

This past Sunday I met with our Elders and Deacons, along with Dr. Daniela Groza to talk about specific actions we should take as a church.  In keeping with recommendations we have received from both the Swiss Baptist Union and the International Baptist Churches, we agreed that in light of the current information, the main thing is simply to practice good hygiene and common sense, such as washing your hands regularly.  We are going to try to have some hand disinfectant available by the church entrance on Sunday.  It is hard to find that now but we believe we can have some available.  You may wish to refrain from shaking hands or hugging.  If you are manifesting some flu-like symptoms (fever, runny nose, sore throat, achiness, tiredness, etc.), it would be best to stay at home and recuperate.  If because of age, recent sickness, or a weak immune system you think you might be more susceptible to the virus, you might want to stay away from crowds at this time, including church.

This Sunday we celebrate Communion, so we will use a different method of distributing the elements, although it is one used regularly by many churches.  Rather than passing the trays to each other in the pews, we will ask you to come to the front to be served.  We will make sure those who cannot physically do that will still be served.

Also, just to be on the safe side we will not have our Finger Food Fellowship Lunch as originally scheduled for this Sunday.

None of this is meant to alarm anyone, and we certainly don’t want to live in fear.  But following some basic precautions is wise at this point.  Meanwhile, let us keep this whole matter in prayer – healing for those already affected, protection for all, that the spread of the illness will slow and even cease, and for rapid progress in the effort of developing a vaccine.

And let us always remember we are held in the hands of our loving and faithful Heavenly Father!

Grace and peace,

Pastor Bob


  1. Bethel I. Johnson/Boston, MA, USA says

    Hi Pr Bob, Greetings,
    I am laying over at Zurich on my journey to Tel Aveve this Friday. Will you help me out by holding a couple of luggages for a few days
    I had the opportunity to worship at IBCZ during my stay in Baden.
    Thanks in advance for your help
    Pr Bethel Johnson/BCA, Natick, MA, USA Tel +1 708 417 5059

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