Thoughts of Christmas

Dear Members and Friends of IBCZ

Now that the hectic festivities of Christmas are over we might find some quiet moments when we can think about what the event means for us.

The references to a coming savior for humanity go through the whole bible, right from the beginning. Many passages  of the savior refering to Jesus can be found in the old testament, written by several different prophets at different times  But many prophecies are understood only after the event has happened, by looking back, they make sense to us now since we have the whole bible and the knowledge of history. 

The birth of Jesus on earth has shaped the whole world like no other event,  Jesus taking on human nature, God’s Son, fully human and fully God. We see God’s nature in Jesus ministry,  He is the image of the invisable God. He came to earth to take on our sins , and by His sacrificial death He was able to get resurrected, conquering death and bringing life to His followers.

Christmas makes it possible that we  get hope and can enjoy one day all Jesus’s  promises He has given us. Christmas is the long awaited event that brings salvation to His believers. He is the central figure in the bible, with His birth, death and resurrection, without Him there is no Christianity.     

Especially in todays world with all the potential threats and problems we are facing, we can ask ourselves, how are we doing by solving these problems relying on our human strength alone?  Are we really capable? Or have we not lost control already? Isn’t it comforting to know that one answer – for Christians the one and only answer – is to trust in Jesus’s promises knowing that He has come into the world to save us, not to let us perish.

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