Several Announcements

Dear Members and Friends of IBCZ,

I want to share several timely announcements with you.  First, this Sunday the children will be presenting their Christmas program, and we will also have some special music by our worship team and others.  I hope you can come for this special service. In addition, we will be having our traditional finger-food lunch following the service, so please bring some food to share and plan to stay for a rich time of fellowship with one another.

Second, for those who were not at our worship service this past Sunday, I announced that two of our Elders will be stepping down at the end of the year – Olan Duran and Andre Mebold.  Both have served as Elders for ten years now without a break.  These were not hasty decisions on their part; rather they were prayerfully considered as Olan and Andre waited upon the Lord for confirmation and peace.  Both Olan and Andre informed the Elders a number of months ago that having served for so long, and given that the office is stable and in able hands, they were at peace in stepping down.

Olan and Andre began serving as Elders at the same time, so in a way it is fitting that they step down together.  They both served with great commitment and sincere hearts. When you have the opportunity, I hope you will express your gratitude to Olan and Andre for their faithful and dedicated service.

Meanwhile, Adrian and Fritz, along with myself, will continuing serving IBCZ as Elders.  I also encourage you to be praying that God will bring other potential leaders to our attention.  And as we all serve with the gifts God has given us, I know that God will continue to build us into a mature and faithful church.

Grace and peace,

Pastor Bob

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