A Festive Week

Dear Members and Friends of IBCZ,

For several months we have been hearing about the Festival of Thought, taking place in the Zurich area Sept. 22-28. The Festival actually kicks off at IBCZ this coming Sunday as Andy Moore, co-founder of the Festival of Thought, will bring our morning message. His theme is Faith and Work: Any Connection? This is not only a great opportunity for us, but this is a great
opportunity to invite friends to.

Then throughout the upcoming week, insightful and dynamic speakers will be presenting messages around the city. Some of the topics are: Pursuit of Happiness; Wisdom in a Digital
Age; Smart Cities: Smart Ethics?; No Freedom without Truth; Cosmic Chemistry: Do God and Science Mix?; What Do You Want out of Life?; The Future of Freedom, etc.

If you did not receive a flyer at church, you can go to the website – festivalofthought.buzz – to learn more, including the times and locations of the various talks. There you can also register to attend any specific talks, all of which are free.

This is a very unique opportunity to host such an event with so many thoughtful Christian speakers, so I hope you will make every effort to attend some of these talks. Also, let’s be praying that God will use the Festival of Thought in a wonderful way to changes lives, bring
hope, and nurture faith.

Grace and peace,
Pastor Bob

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