Deepening Faith

Dear Members and Friends of IBCZ,

I want to begin by thanking everyone who helped with our Church Family BBQ last Sunday.  It was such a wonderful time of simply being together and enjoying our relationships with each other.  I am so grateful that almost everyone stayed after church for the BBQ, and many even lingered long after they finished eating to continue visiting with others.  Healthy and growing relationships is one sign of a healthy church, so I thank God for that, and for all of you.

Another sign of a healthy church is that the congregation has a deep understanding of who God really is, and that understanding leads to authentic worship, sincere gratitude, abounding joy, and dedicated Christ-like living.  Understanding more of the attributes of God – things such as God’s holiness, wisdom, power, faithfulness, love, etc. – not only helps us appreciate and love God more, but it gives us greater confidence in our day-to-day living, for we are assured of who God is and His commitment to us.

So beginning this Sunday, I will launch a new sermon series that will take us through the fall.  Each week we will focus on a different attribute of God, discovering both what it says about God and what it means for us as His people.  I believe this will be very encouraging for all of us in our walk with the Lord, and our faith will deepen as a result.

Grace and peace,

Pastor Bob


  1. Jim Abraham says

    Looking forward to it!

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