God – Worthy of Our Trust

Dear Members and Friends of IBCZ,

Our Scripture passage for last week was Prov. 3:5-6, a familiar text that encourages us to trust in the Lord with all our hearts.

Perhaps it seems unrealistic or impractical to trust fully in God, but the truth is, everyone places there trust somewhere.  Everyone trusts in something to provide them with meaning, comfort, happiness, success, etc.

Some people trust in their own wisdom or abilities.  Yet, a sudden illness or accident can rob us of those in an instant.  By way of example, I have a friend in the US who for many years was a highly respected doctor.  Last year he fell and hit his head quite hard.  Tragically, that fall robbed him of much of his mental capabilities.

Some people trust in their job or career path.  But in this day and age, rarely do employers have a real sense of loyalty to their employees.  I’ve known people and read of many others who lost their jobs – not because they were underperforming or did anything wrong, but simply because the company restructured or they decided it was more cost-effective to let people go.

Others put their trust in relationships, their health, their financial investments, etc.  Yet all these things, as important as they may be and while they have their proper place, are not worthy of our full trust.  For all these things are of this world, and as such, are only temporary at best.

So, we should see this passage from Prov. 3 not only as a command, exhorting us to trust the Lord with all our heart, but even more as a wonderful invitation.  That God tells us to trust in Him means that God graciously makes Himself available to us and to all the affairs of our lives.  In this passage God is telling us that each of us matters to God, and therefore He wants to direct our lives in good and meaningful ways.

As the only One who is perfect in wisdom, steadfast in faithfulness, and enduring in love, we can confidently trust in God with our entire lives.  By God’s grace, may we all do exactly that.

Grace and peace,

Pastor Bob

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