Blessed to Be a Blessing

Dear Members and Friends of IBCZ,

One of the points I emphasized in last Sunday’s sermon was that as Abram (later to be called Abraham) journeyed through the land of Canaan, he built altars in several locations to the true God.  In addition to giving Abram a place to worship God, these altars also were a witness to the people living there of the one, true God.

Even as these altars were not only a place of worship but also a means of witness, so God both calls and invites us to live as His witnesses as well.  We don’t all have the gift of evangelism, but as we surrender to Christ, He empowers us to live as His witnesses wherever we are – in our families, our places of work, our neighborhoods, our social circles, etc.  We all can do that in our own, unique way.

As Gen. 12:1-3 makes clear, God blessed Abram so that Abram could then be a blessing to others, making known the true God to those who did not yet believe.  We, also, have been blessed by God – in a way that Abram had no knowledge of; we have been blessed with the knowledge of Jesus Christ and the saving grace that comes through Him.  Because we have been so greatly blessed, God offers us the privilege of being a blessing to others, helping them to see, understand, and experience God’s grace in Jesus Christ.

Let us all pray that with God’s help, we will be faithful witnesses to those around us, and if there is a particular person God would have us share with in a particular and intentional way, that God will bring that to our attention.

Grace and peace,

Pastor Bob

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