Seeking God’s Will for IBCZ in 2019

I’m sure you’re aware that the World Economic Forum is taking place this week nearby in Davos.  This annual convention, often known simply as “Davos,” declares that its overarching goal is to engage “the foremost political, business and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas.”  That is a lofty purpose, to shape global, regional, and industry agendas, and many world leaders are present this week to take on that challenge.

This Saturday another meeting will take place.  There will be no media coverage as it pales in significance compared to Davos.  On the other hand, this meeting will deal with far more important matters – ones of eternal significance.

On Saturday morning, our elders, deacons, and ministry leaders will gather to pray, think, and discuss the ministry of IBCZ for 2019.  We will be reflecting on such things as: How would God have us grow as a church this year? Which of our ministries need greater attention?  How can we strengthen our fellowship with one another? How can we deepen our faith? How can we reach out to the local community in the name of Christ?  How can we impact other parts of the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

These are life-changing matters, and thus we certainly want to discern God’s leading, so we can be and do all that God has for us in the coming year.  Toward that end, I ask you to please keep this in prayer. Whether you will be attending the meeting or not, you can play a role simply through your prayers.  Thanks so much!

Grace and peace,

Pastor Bob


  1. Stephanie Melgar says

    Thank you very much pastor Bob!
    We will be certainly be praying for the Lord’s guidance and wisdom for such vital matters! May the Lord have His way among us in IBCZ for His glory! Great is His faithfulness!

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