Christian, are you resolved?

Dear brothers and sisters at IBCZ

The Elders wish you all a Happy New Year, but no, a Hopeful New Year in the Biblical sense.

It strikes me the reason some may dread the passing of yet another Callander year is the fact that in the west, at least, for many it starts in a negative way. New Year’s resolutions, in the main, would appear to be negative, many about giving up something – usually that something also being seen by society at large as something not worth taking part in. On the other hand, it may be a new exercise regime when many have never laced a pair of trainers since leaving school! Then before you know it the resolve is broken and good intentions may be in tatters before Easter. Some of you may remember a children’s address from some years ago where I explained that I had always kept my resolutions over many years and it was also very easy. But even that resolve has been dropped with the passing of time. The resolution in question is “eat more chocolate”!!

But on a serious note this coming Sunday I will give you my thoughts on Colossians 3: 1-4 where we will all be challenged, I hope, to give more to the Lord and in return find we have a more joyful 2019. Please join, if you are able, to worship the one true God to whom this coming year truly belongs.

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