Working Out Our Salvation

Dear Members and Friends of IBCZ,

In our passage for last Sunday (Phil. 2:12-18), we were reminded to “work out our salvation.”  Our salvation is a free gift of God’s grace that is ours simply by believing, by trusting in Christ and His work on the cross.  Then, once we receive this incredible gift of salvation from God we are to work out our salvation.

Just as a man and woman, once they get married must work out their marriage – growing as a husband and wife, nurturing their marriage relationship, serving each other, learning to share all of life together – so we must work out our salvation.  We are to live in light of our salvation.

That will mean deepening our relationship with God through prayer and Bible study, growing in Christ-like character, obeying God in all He calls us to do, resisting temptation, and showing God’s love to others in practical ways.

This week, I invite you to think about several specific ways, or even just one way, you can work out your salvation more fully.  Is there a sin you need to let go of?  Is there a character trait in your life that needs replacing (patience for impatience, forgiveness for resentment, understanding for anger, peace for anxiety, etc.)?  Is there a step of obedience you have been resisting that you now need to embrace?  Is there a person to whom you can demonstrate God’s love?  Do you need to spend more time cultivating your relationship with God through prayer, Scripture study and reflection?

While working out our salvation can be challenging, we must remember two things from verse 13 of this passage of Scripture.  First, we don’t have to do this on our own, for even while we are working out our salvation, God is working in us by His mighty power.  And second, we should be encouraged by the fact that God’s purpose for us is always good.

So may each of us spend some time this week considering one or two ways we can work out our salvation more fully.  Let us pray and ask God to help us do just that.  As we do, we will experience a new depth of life and joy in Christ.

Grace and peace,

Pastor Bob

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