Growing Together

Dear Members and Friends of IBCZ,
One of the best aspects of my seminary experience was meeting weekly with three fellow
students. We came from very diverse backgrounds, yet God knit our hearts together as we
gathered for breakfast, along with Bible reflection, prayer, and sharing our needs, joys, and lives
in general. When one of us one going through a difficult time, we could count on the others
being there to encourage us. I was privileged to sit under some very gifted Biblical scholars in
the classroom, but it was meeting with my three classmates that was so central in helping shape
me, transform me, and grow in my relationship with Jesus. And in the years since and the
various places we have lived, I have often benefited from being in some kind of small group.

I am grateful that IBCZ is committed to our Home Group Ministry. We have a number of
groups that are currently meeting and many of you are part of one of these groups. Yet I know
there are many who have not yet benefited from participating is such a group. If that is true for
you, I would like to encourage you to join one or our Home Groups.

Taking part in a small group fellowship such as we offer gives us the opportunity to grow in
ways that cannot happen when we all gather for worship on Sunday mornings. We can know a
few fellow believers in deeper ways, we can rejoice with each in happy times and support each
other when we are struggling, we can deepen our understanding of Scripture as we study
together, and through all this we mature as followers of Jesus.

Each week in our bulletin are listed the times and locations of our Home Groups. Why not look
this over and see if one would work for you. Or if none meet at a time or place which fits your
schedule, please let me know, and perhaps we will be able to launch a new group.

God never intended that we live out our faith on our own. Scripture highlights the importance of
growing together as the people of God. So, let’s all take advantage of this wonderful
Grace and Peace,
Pastor Bob

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