Filling Our Minds

Dear Members and Friends of IBCZ,

This week Daniela and I had our first German class.  We both have a bit of a background in German, but let’s just say we have a long way to go!  I know most of you have been in the same situation, whether that was learning German or a different language if German was your first language.

As you know, the key to learning a new language is quite simple – regular (ideally daily) practice and repetition.  You must continually fill your mind with the vocabulary, expressions, grammar, etc., then practice saying and writing what you are learning, until finally the correct words in their proper forms come naturally.  They have become a part of who you are.

There is, of course, a parallel between learning a new language and growing in our faith.  It is so important that we regularly fill our minds with the truth of God’s Word, the Bible.  The more we read the truth of who God is – His grace, mercy, holiness, faithfulness and love, the more our faith will have a solid grounding.  The more we reflect on all God has done for us through Jesus Christ, the deeper our love for God will grow.  The more we consider the new way of living He invites us to as His followers, the more natural living this new way becomes.  It becomes a part of who we are.

Having regular time with God, studying His Word and filling our minds with His truth, is not simply a religious exercise we are supposed to do.  Rather, it is the path by which our faith becomes sure as our knowledge of God increases and our love for God deepens.  It leads to a life filled with assurance, gratitude, and joy.

Growing with you,

Pastor Bob

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