Inviting Others

Daniela and I have been here for almost two months now. We have thoroughly enjoyed getting
to know so many of you, and look forward to getting to know all who are a part of IBCZ in the
coming weeks and months. It has especially been gratifying these past couple weeks seeing the
sanctuary filling up as many of you have returned from your summer holidays.

My impression is that IBCZ is a very warm and inviting congregation. I see so many of you
staying long after the worship service has concluded, connecting not only with friends but also
with those who are visiting. We are blessed with many children and teenagers, and with the help
of all our teachers and leaders we are able to offer a quality Christian Education ministry. In
addition, thanks to our gifted worship team I have found the worship to be meaningful and God-
centered. In short, we have so much to be grateful for, so much to celebrate, so much that people
long for in a church.

With that in mind, may I encourage you to think and pray about whom you might invite to
worship with us? While there are a number of programs geared to helping churches grow,
research confirms that the overwhelmingly top reason people visit a new church is that someone
invited them. Could it be there is someone you work with, or someone in your apartment
building or neighborhood, who is just waiting for someone to invite them? Especially those who
have recently moved to Zurich may be desiring exactly what IBCZ has to offer.

This Sunday would be a great Sunday to invite someone to IBCZ. The BBQ after worship will
provide a wonderful opportunity to get to know people. My sermon, while I believe it will be
very encouraging for all of us, will be especially appropriate for those who may have little
understanding for what the Christian faith is all about. Is there someone in your circle of friends,
colleagues, and acquaintances who needs and desires what IBCZ provides?

Serving together with you for Christ,

Pastor Bob

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