Jesus is the true leader of the church

Dear Members and Friends of IBCZ,

What a joy and honor it was to be installed as your pastor during our worship service this past Sunday.  Both Daniela and I are so grateful for the privilege of serving with you. I ask for your prayers, that I might be led and empowered by the Holy Spirit in serving as your pastor.

I am thankful for Jimmy Martin and the message he brought us from I Peter. 5:1-11, as it highlighted not only the role of the pastor, but how God invites/calls all of us to serve in His church.  How wonderful that this privilege is not limited to just a few, but we all can experience the satisfaction of contributing to the work of God’s kingdom.

A few of the key points Jimmy reminded us of are:

  • The main leader of the church is not the pastor, the elders, the biggest financial donor, etc.  Jesus is the Chief Shepherd, the Head of the Church, and He leads us by the Holy Spirit and the teachings of Scripture.
  • Not only is our service in the church important, but so is our motivation for service.  We should not serve because we feel we must or out of duty, but we serve willingly and joyfully because of all God has done for us.
  • We ought not take ourselves too seriously, but we take God very seriously.
  • We seek to serve well where we are.
  • Christ is to be our ultimate model for living and serving.

Let us pray that God will help all of us to put these principles into practice.  As we do, I believe we will see God do amazing things in and through IBCZ, as well as in and through our own lives.

For His Glory,


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