Road Signs

I discovered the following which Anne wrote some time ago. Hope it encourages you as you walk with God, however difficult the road that you are travelling. God is so Faithful! Pastor Jim

Road Signs

Smoke thickened the atmosphere in the staff room as we relaxed during our lunch break after an eventful morning,educating teenagers with knowledge they had already deemed irrelevant to their lives. The time was precious.  Joyce entertained us with tales from her driving lessons. “He slapped the dashboard with his book to indicate an emergency stop.  I panicked and put my right foot on the clutch. He turned to me and asked, “Now, how are you going to drive, seeing as you are cross-legged?”  I immediately knew that this was the person to teach me!  Several months and many “kangaroo hops” later, I passed my test and was released into the freedom of driving.

This incident was the first sign of my “Open road” of adventure as I saw the Lord at work in my life.  It was only a short while later in that same staffroom that my eyes fell on an advertisement for what I saw as my dream position. There was one stipulation, “qualified driver”. That was me (even if I did not have a car!)  Amazingly, I was the only applicant for that position in the U.K. With delight I went and chose the car that was to take me many miles all over the county of Somerset to teach Rural Education. One unexpected detour for me took place early in my journey. A friend asked me to help transport some students to church. I was delighted. I did not realize that I was transporting the man who would become my husband. This was a major detour that took me from my comfort zone of the West Country, up to Scotland, to the Wirral in England, across to Lincolnshire, to Dorset, overseas with our family for ministry in the USA (30 years) then also to Spain and Switzerland for ministry.I had much to learn in my adventure of following my Lord. There were road blocks along the way.  I learned to talk to Him about my difficulties,especially when I could not see the way ahead, and let Him sort it out. I saw Him incredibly open up opportunities for a way ahead which I had not seen.  Anne McVicar

Proverbs 3:5-6: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.”

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