Leaving A Spiritual Legacy (6)

On a morning in 1984 I was reading my chapter for the day Genesis 12 (consecutive chapter from the Bible each day). I read Gen. 12:1-2 “Leave your country, your people and your father`s household and go the land I will show you.” I was thinking about what God was saying when I received an unexpected letter in the mail from Minnesota, USA. It said that my name had been suggested for the vacant position of Senior Pastor and would I consider coming to MN for an initial interview and stay for about a week. Told me they had 60+ other applicants.

At that time, I was serving a very active church as Pastor. God was blessing the church, with many lives being saved, baptized, etc., so what was He saying to Anne and I? Over time God convinced us that we should proceed with the call to go to MN and Genesis 12:1 became a key verse for ministry. In August 1985 we left parents, siblings, friends, comfort zone, U.K. and went with our three children to the U.S.A. God took the initiative and we were seeking to obey, although difficult for all concerned. We were leaving a spiritual legacy for our family, church, others, etc., in moving on with God.

  • Isaiah 55:12 ‘You shall go out with joy and be led forth in peace…’

God previously called me to pastoral ministry from my career and I was accepted to train at Spurgeon’s Theological College (Seminary). Ordination to Pastoral Ministry was in 1981. God is so faithful! I can trace His Hand upon my life: Leading, helping, correcting, blessing me, etc. I could never have dreamt how many rich experiences God would give and continues to give this Scot. When I, with Anne and family, moved into very active churches as the Senior Pastor I often reflected on ‘His strength being perfected in my weakness’. Sought to be faithful and committed to the Call of God in my life whether in business or pastoral ministry. Despite failures and weaknesses God has been so faithful and gracious.

God speaks to me over the years:

  • Luke 16:13b, ‘No servant can serve two masters…You cannot serve both God and money.’ God desires a committed life:
  • 2 Chronicles 16:9, ‘The eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to Him…’
  • Exodus 32:25-26, Moses: ‘Whoever is for the Lord come to me…’

I encourage you always to take the Lord’s side, listen to His advice, share with your children, grandchildren, nephews, nieces, etc. You are blessed to be a blessing! What joy to see family and others, above all else, honoring and seeking God’s Will! Proceeding through life, even facing experiences even of pain and sorrow, but remembering your God honouring example. Time teaching them will not be wasted, even when they fail. (To be continued…)

Your friend and Pastor,


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