Listening to the radio early one morning I was surprised to learn that many people regard the most influential invention of the last century to be the credit card. Surprised, I listened more attentively as a social scientist asserted to my bemusement that this was indeed a worthy choice because regular use of a credit card entails exercising trust – trust that others will ensure the safe and secure completion of the transaction and trust that we can meet the financial obligations accompanying the transaction. I remain to be convinced of the appropriateness of the choice of a credit card, or of the value of the social scientist’s argument.

What I do know is that Charles Spurgeon, one of the most powerful preachers of the 19th century, adopted a somewhat similar example in his daily devotional masterpiece “Faith’s Cheque Book”, but for a far more profound purpose. He likened a promise from God to grant some good thing upon a believer to a bank cheque ( – ‘check’ for our US friends). Spurgeon went on to point out that a cheque has no value until it is presented at the bank, and that likewise God’s promise is to be presented to the Lord and counter-signed by us to testify receipt of the blessing.

An outcome of our faith is trusting God and believing His gracious promises. In faith we are to claim those promises, and they become a source of continual blessing to us. God’s sovereign promise to believers is His ‘Covenant of Grace and Redemption’ in the person of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Next Sunday morning’s worship service at IBCZ will be a further opportunity for us to reflect upon and rejoice in His precious promises. Join us at 10:30.

Huw Davies

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