Creation – What will happen next?

Creation – What will happen next? Genesis 1:26-31
As we arrive at the sixth day there is a real sense of expectation as God creates man. It was during the sixth day that animal life appeared on land. These “wild animals” (v. 24-25) included what Darwin and others believe are our so-called ancestors!! (Apes, etc.) –
• Bible states: “Living creatures…according to their kinds (21, 24-25).”

R. Stedman: (re- `according to their kinds`)
“This is not a scientific term, but it certainly indicates boundaries beyond which variation was not permitted to spread, and thus is considerably different from the claims of Darwinian evolution…It is quite obvious, as you read this account, that all of it is aiming toward man. He is the climax of the creative week and now, on this sixth day, all is ready for him to make his appearance. In exact accordance with the fossil record man comes last in the order of life appearing on the earth.”
• The Bible clearly states that God made Man to be distinctive and special.

Five important disagreements between the Bible and Darwin’s theory: Origin of the species
• 1. Creation planned for a purpose –
• Nature evolved by accident – chance, random act.
• 2. Living things made separately after their kind –
• All living things came from a single form by evolution.
• 3. Man is a special creation, different from animals –
• Just another animal, evolved from ape-like creatures.
• 4. God’s work of creation finished in six days
• Evolution continued to make new kinds of living things, throughout time and still
goes on today.
• 5. Nature was created perfect but became spoiled because of Man’s disobedience.
• Nature is always growing better and more perfect by evolutionary change.

In this brief look at creation (origin) of Man we need to note that it is noticeably different from the origin of all living creatures and vegetation, birds and fish.
Something unique takes place:
God v. 26a: “Let us (plural) make (plural) man (Hebrew = ‘adam) in our (plural) image (singular), in our likeness.” ‘God is One’. Plural Elohim (3 or more) Indicates Trinity, not dual! It is so important to grasp that the creation of human kind is uniquely special and God has created men and women for His purpose. Don`t be discouraged as you look around you today for God has a Plan, His Purpose will be fulfilled!
• Romans 8:18-30: “The creation waits…” There is, as we look at nature, a sense of expectancy, a waiting, a sense of needing more than there is.
• 2 Peter 3:13: “New heaven and new earth.” There is meaning in all that God does. Nature will share in the restoration and recognition of the children of God for the created universe will be redeemed. Be encouraged! Our God Reigns!
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