The Christian Faith And Materialism

We live in a dominantly man-centered world today. Electronic devices and social media indicate it like never before that man has become the center of everything: I-Pod, I-Phone, and YouTube are only a few to mention… and hand in hand with that goes the rise of materialism. By that we mean a very consume-oriented society.

Materialistic philosophy holds to a high view of man and its desire is to achieve health, wealth, success, independence and happiness (in a worldly sense).

Matthew 13,44 talks about a man who has found a hidden treasure in a field; and this treasure is so valuable that this man is willing to give up all he has to buy the field in which the treasure lies.

What would such a consume-oriented society think the treasure in the field contained? Gold, pearls and money? However we associate, it reveals what is really in our hearts.

Please join us this Sunday to find out what our true treasure in life really is.

In Christ,


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