The Work Of The Holy Spirit

Last week we studied the different ways in which God uses our suffering for our good. We have learned that our universe is dominated by natural and moral evil and that suffering is a common experience for the unbeliever as well as the believer.

Furthermore, we have heard how Christ is not distant to our suffering. In fact, He was fully God and fully man and has suffered severely when He walked on earth. But His identification with our suffering is not enough. He also said, “I will ask the Father, and He will give you another Helper, that He may be with you forever. (John 14:16)”

What a beautiful promise He made. This helper and comforter, who is also the third person of the trinity, is now a reality in the lives of those who have been saved by God’s grace. He is the one who helps us in our weakness, gives us new life and inexpressible joy; and He is the one who sanctifies our hearts. Join with us this Sunday to hear more about the mighty work of the Holy Spirit.

Join us this coming Sunday as we consider The Work of the Holy Spirit..

Yours In His Grace,

Andreas Wiget

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