Of Friends and Friendships

Last week, I said goodbyes to two wonderful women who had been my anchor and my mentors in the last few years. One is Shirley who is going back to South Africa and one is Jan who has been called to serve in another church.

Maybe it’s the loss of my own mother 7 years ago that drew me closer to these wonderful women. They had lovingly taken me under their wing most especially during the time Olan was called to be an elder of the church. Soon after, I took over the Music ministry leadership and I truly valued their support, encouragement and their prayers during this season of my life.

An article in the Just Between Us online magazine, has identified three kinds of friends every woman should have:

Playmates – these are the women in our lives we love spending time doing fun, entertaining and enriching activities together. It is good to have Christian women to have good and clean fun with. Be it doing exercise together, doing crafts and even doing fun things with kids together.

Peers- these are the women we have something in common with. Women we are in ministry with. Women who share the same calling. With them around, we grow in our gifts and may even discover new abilities with.

Personal confidants – these are the hardest friends to find, according to the article. These are women we can open our hearts to and share our innermost desires with. They are friends who listen when you cry and not even need to say anything as their very presence gives us comfort and peace. These friends know our history and the joy and pain that goes with every story. These are friends who pray for us and for our family.

The Bible encourages friendships. Ecclesiastes 4:9 says “Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their toil. For if they fall, one will lift up his fellow.”

However, the Bible also cautions us on choosing our friends and the friendships we foster. I Corintians 15:33 cautions “Do not be deceived: “Bad company corrupts good morals.”

While I am sad saying goodbyes to my Shirley and Jan, I am thankful that God still has me surrounded with more ‘Peers’ and ‘Personal Confidants’ kinds of friends at IBCZ. I most appreciate the friends I have in the Music Ministry. It is joy to share the same gift and worship a great God in the same spirit. I believe our church has nurturing, enriching friendships blossoming around that will stand the test of time. The kind that produces strong, faithful, kind and wise women of God.

Join us this Sunday as we come together in friendship and in fellowship!

Amabelle Duran

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